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Learning how to write a sitcom can open your career to more opportunities and get your ideas on the small screen. But first, you have to master the sitcom structure and format.

Sitcoms are watched by billions of people across the globe.

They’re frequently the highest-rated shows on television and the hits can last over a decade with hundreds of episodes. Having a sitcom sample can open you to the world of television too. Jobs writing on hit sitcoms are long and stable. They usually have big rooms with employ teams of writers to work on jokes and story on multiple episodes at a time.

But you can’t even sniff one without a solid sitcom sample that’s mastered the structure and format of the half-hour television show. Let’s learn how to write a sitcom pilot. We will go over the structure of a pilot, how to format a TV script, and offer some general story notes and examples.

So let’s fade in on this topic and hopefully get to syndication.

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Source: No Film School