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Director Martin Scorsese is not only known for his filmmaking prowess, but also for his genuine love of film and storytelling.

IndieWire put together a list of 35 movies that Scorsese has mentioned over the years as being particularly important to him. Although each of us will find inspiration in our own favorite films, fellow cinephiles and aspiring filmmakers should take note — these are movies that speak across generations and get many fundamental storytelling elements right. Take a look at these greats, and why Scorsese loves them, and you’re likely to learn something invaluable.

The list draws heavily from the top ten list that Scorsese made for Criterion in 2014, which is also definitely worth checking out. These 35 films encompasses a diverse mix of genres, including drama, horror, musicals, and foreign movies. Here are a few standouts, along with examples of Scorsese discussing why the films matter so much to him.

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Source: No Film School