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Meyer Optik might’ve had a very public fall from grace, but will these new lenses redeem them?

For some, just hearing the name Meyer Optik Görlitz inspires feelings of bitterness and distrust. And that’s understandable.

For one, the company, under the ownership of net SE, ran into some trouble last year after raising money for their Trioplan art lenses on Kickstarter. Though financially successful, the campaigns became a shipping nightmare, in part due to the fact that Meyer Optik hadn’t yet shipped the Trioplan 100 lenses to backers before they launched their campaign for the Trioplan 50.

Not only that, but Meyer Optik admitted that their popular $3000 Nocturnus 50 lens was basically a Chinese knockoff. I mean, not just basically… it was. It had the same internal optics and specs and everything.

It’s understandable why potential users would be wary of anything bearing their name, but Meyer Optik is no longer owned by net SE, and the owners, OPC Optics, have announced their plans to revise their entire portfolio with original, “optimized” lens designs.

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Source: No Film School