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The most important thing for Michael Beach Nichols was to tell the story honestly.

It would be easiest to say that the story of Wrinkles the Clown, the subject of Michael Beach Nichols’ new documentary, is actually a story wrapped in a rumor wrapped in a myth—with a real person at its true heart. The film describes the phenomenon of Wrinkles, a clown that Florida parents can call when they’re frustrated with their miscreant children to come to their houses and scare their children into obedience.

The idea is scary enough, having made its entrance by way of an ultra-creepy YouTube video of a clown crawling out from under a girl’s bed. What actually becomes truly frightening, as one watches the documentary, is the extent to which parents have embraced this method of scaring their children (the clown’s voicemail has 2-million-plus messages to date) and the seriousness with which some of the children take it.

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Source: No Film School