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Who needs Disney for nostalgia?

Netflix is on one.

Hot off Roma’s opening weekend, it’s sight set squarely on Oscar validation, we get more details for the anticipated prequel to the beloved Henson cult classic Dark Crystal. All this when just yesterday the New York Times covered the streaming giant’s gun’s blazing foray into original feature content with this piece focused largely on executive Scott Stuber. has all the details on the latest voice talents cast in the Dark Crystal Prequel, which will utilize the kind of classic puppeteering that made the original so unique in the first place. In a way, it’s a nostalgia double-whammy. The content takes you back, and the craft itself will do the same, reminding of us the type of filmmaking that felt so exciting and yet tangible long ago before we were flooded with CGI.

Netflix recently canceled popular series Daredevil and though it came as a surprise to many give the series success, Disney would be launching its own streaming service soon, so why would Netflix want to continue to rely on that Disney IP?

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Source: No Film School