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Quentin Tarantino burst onto the scene with Reservoir Dogs and created worlds that shocked, surprised, and entertained. But, we also had questions. Now, he has answers.

What was your first Tarantino movie?

Do you remember that feeling in the theater? You were in a master filmmaker’s hands, being delivered a story that captivated and made you envious for that talent and skill? Mine was Kill Bill: Volume 1. I skipped a school dance to go see it. Which is about all you need to know about me to understand my high school experience.

But I left that movie with questions. And then, upon seeing every other movie he’s made, I had more.

Lucky for me, everyone else also had questions. And now his cast, crew, and producers have gotten together to create a new documentary where they seek to answer some of the biggest questions surrounding his movies.

Check out the trailer for The First Eight.

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Source: No Film School