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Flying your drone over crowds just got a whole lot safer (and potentially legal).

Safety always comes first when flying drones, especially when it comes to flying over or around human beings. Flying over crowds is strictly forbidden, and the FAA has been incredibly reluctant to grant commercial and personal drone pilots UAS waivers to do so, having accepted only 16% of over 11,000 applications in 2018. However, this safety device might’ve just changed the agency’s approach to mitigating the risks of injuries caused by falling drones.

Back in 2017, Anchorage-based company Indemnis (Latin for “without harm) partnered with DJI to develop both a set of drone parachute standards and a reliable parachute system that instantly deploys at the first sign of flight anomalies. Three days ago, it has not only officially unveiled the finished product, the Nexus parachute system for the DJI Inspire 2 drone, but has announced that the FAA has validated it as compliant with the new international safety standard for drone parachutes.

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Source: No Film School