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Quentin Tarantino’s Summer 2019 hit is getting a special re-release in theaters this weekend, and Film Twitter is gonna flip for it.

Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, Tarantino’s critically-acclaimed awards contender that plays revisionist history with 1969 Los Angeles and the Sharon Tate murders, is heading back to theaters today just as Oscar season is getting underway.

Sony Pictures, via press release, will have Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio back in over 1000 theaters this Friday, with “never-before-seen footage bookending” the film. Four additional scenes, totaling over ten minutes of screen time, will be added to Hollywood, which has a run time of 2 hours and 41 minutes. Sony is essentially giving Once Upon a Time In Hollywood a similar treatment to that which Netflix gave QT’s Hateful Eight, just with a theatrical release. Netflix expanded Eight to play out like a miniseries of sorts on their platform, which film fans seemed to really enjoy. It also was the first time a film by Tarantino was given that treatment, to be played out like an extended, serialized TV series arc.

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Source: No Film School