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Are you open to working next to a pink ball of yarn?

We all know that the streaming wars are upon us, and as Disney gets ready to release Disney+, the company is giving the public a glimpse of the content it plans to release. Part of that content push is short films by Pixar that will be released periodically. These films will be directed by emerging filmmakers.

Eventually, the shorts will debut on Disney+, but for now, we get them via YouTube.

The most recent Pixar short is Purl, an engaging film about the importance of feminism, change, and diversity in the workplace.

It’s hard not to get emotionally invested in this ball of yarn as she starts her first day at the dominantly white and male investment firm, B.R.O. Capital. Purl’s enthusiasm is constantly squashed and overlooked in an environment that doesn’t want change or progress. They’re afraid of a changing world, and Purl is the marker of that change.

I found the story and visuals to be cute and entertaining. The story draws you in, and soon you’re on Purl’s side, cheering her on even as things go wrong.

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Source: No Film School