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If you’re skilled at editing comedy, you’re skilled at editing.

This past August at EditFest LA, editor Heather Capps participated in a panel talk called “From the Cutting Room to the Red Carpet,” where all of the panelists’ unanimous advice to emerging editors was to take any opportunity to get into comedy – if you can edit comedy, you can transition into any other genre. What makes comedy editing such a special skill? We talked with award-winning editor Heather Capps about the power of post, making jokes land, and editing IFC’s sketch comedy series Portlandia.

Capps is a twice ACE Eddie Award-nominated editor living in Los Angeles, California. Recognized in the “Best Edited Comedy Series for Commercial Television” category for IFC’s Portlandia, she is also known for her work on projects such as Comedy Central’s Nathan for You, Tim & Eric’s I Love David on Adult Swim, and Hulu’s Shrill.

Capps is also a member of the editing team who received the “U.S. Documentary Editing Award” at Sundance 2016 for the film Nuts!, which toured the film festival circuit worldwide.

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Source: No Film School