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Camera cages are great for mounting loads of accessories to your camera rig, but with Power Cage from Blind Spot Gear, the cage itself can also keep them powered.

Scottish Company Blind Spot Gear just can’t stop turning out interesting solutions to the creative problems filmmakers deal with on a day to day basis. It started out with powerful, affordable, lightweight LED lighting, but they’ve since expanded into spending a lot of time thinking about power, including the very cool Power Junkie they launched last year to allow filmmakers to power anything, including their phone, with the Sony NP batteries we all have too many of.

They are back at it with an interesting twist on the camera cage: the Power Cage, which puts a battery inside the physical body of a cage to not only give filmmakers more mounting points but also power for both their cameras and accessories all in one unit.

Check out their Kickstarter campaign video below:

Camera cages are all the rage since they allow cameras that aren’t really designed for accessories to hold more than the standard hot shoe mount allows.

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Source: No Film School