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RED’s Jarred Land offers a few more tantalizing specs to torture KOMODO fans.

Have you been on REDUSER lately? If you haven’t, you probably missed the exciting back and forth between RED President Jarred Land and KOMODO fans a few days ago.

KOMODO is easily one of (if not the) most anticipated camera of the year, and RED fans are eagerly waiting for more info on the mysterious 6K camera.

Despite his reluctance to share too many specs before everything is finalized, Land did tease a few very interesting details about KOMODO’s design (which is both a sensor and a body), features, and estimated release date. He even threw in a couple of sexy ass images.

And just so you don’t have to weed through the entire thread like I had to, here are all of the highlights. Let’s kick this off with the biggest bombshells first.

Anamorphic Support

Land promised to share an image as per the request of some users in the forum, and he did not disappoint. He provided a lovely picture of not only a white KOMODO but a ginormous Hawk anamorphic lens slapped right on the front of it.

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