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Komodo’s 6K sensor size was at the heart of yet another teaser from RED.

As details continue to trickle in about RED’s forthcoming 6K camera, fans have been waiting eagerly to find out about one spec in particular: Komodo’s sensor size. Is going to follow current camera trends and go full-frame or will it buck them entirely and go classic with Super 35?

Well, RED President Jarred Land gave everyone a little clue a few days ago in the REDUSER forums, saying:

You don’t need to fear the crop factor like you did with Raven or (black magic 6k or the Z2 6k ) and the other “smaller” s35 sensors… Komodo has a whole new pixel remember and the physical sensor is much wider than all of those, 27.03mm x 14.25mm. So if you do need to crop to get to where you need to go, you are starting with much more width to get there which will be kinder to your optics.

DP Phil Holland followed up with some more details about the sensor in the thread:

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Source: No Film School