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RØDE went a little off the beaten path with the short, ultra-lightweight NTG5 boom mic that features “circular acoustic ports.”

Recently, RØDE unveiled the next in the NTG line of shotgun mics, the NTG5.

The company completely overhauled the NTG body design in order to give the NTG5 better sound quality, running circular ports instead of linear slots all along the capsule giving the mic better acoustic transparency and a “natural, uncolored” sound. It also features a controlled frequency response, smooth off-axis response, and low self-noise (10dBA).

The NTG5 is also short and very lightweight, which certainly gives it some practical appeal among boom operators. It weighs 76g and measures only 8″ long. It’s built with RF-bias circuitry, making it more reliable in rough conditions, resistance to high humidity, severe cold, damp, and dusty conditions.

All things considered, it seems very apparent that RØDE designed the NTG5 to be an ideal option for boom operators who are out recording sound on-location…potentially in rough terrain.

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Source: No Film School