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Martin Scorsese, in an Opinion piece for The New York Times, tries to clarify his stance on Marvel films being “art.”

In October, as Joker was set to arrive in theaters, Martin Scorsese began his divisive discussion about Marvel Studios’ blockbusters not being “cinema.” He shared his views with Empire Magazine and that “not cinema” quote went viral.

Everyone from James Gunn to Francis Ford Coppola had an opinion on it. Debates waged all over Film Twitter. There was anger, ire, and a lot of trolls. The argument seemed to get distilled into two phrases: “Okay, Boomer” versus “Theme Parks are not art.”

Now, Martin Scorsese has written an Opinion piece for The New York Times where he outlines everything he meant by his original quotes.

In the piece, Scorsese begins by diffusing any ill-will people had assumed he wished on those making superhero films. It was a classy move that also asserted his argument moving forward.

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Source: No Film School