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It’s difficult to avoid Disney’s dominance. But is it too late to ever break the conglomerate up?

No Film School readers are savvy media consumers, so I’m sure we already know that when it comes to media production and distribution, Disney as a company owns just about everything. They’ve got studios, networks, theme parks, music, digital marketing companies, and more. If you need it, here’s a refresher on all the companies Disney now owns.

And as of Nov. 12, Disney+ has officially rolled out, throwing the media giant even further into the streaming game, too. (They own Hulu already.)

But do they really need all this power?

That’s a question author Matt Stoller asked when he published an essay on Nov. 5 proposing a break-up of Disney.

The whole piece is a really interesting read, but here are the main takeaways. Prepare to feel frustrated and learn why you should care why Disney controls what you get to watch.

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Source: No Film School