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Before director Peter Ramsey won an Oscar for co-directing Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, he made DreamWorks’ underrated animated film, Rise of the Guardians. Here’s what went wrong.

All of us have a favorite movie or TV show that we’re extremely passionate about, but for whatever reason, it didn’t do well. A studio released it quietly with zero support, or shelved it for years without explanation. For me, that’s Season One of AMC’s The Terror.

And for director Peter Ramsey, that project would probably be Rise of the Guardians, which he made and was released in 2012 by DreamWorks Animation. The movie was a notorious flop and was poorly received by critics, even though its creative team was amazing. I mean, Roger Deakins was even a visual consultant! So what happened?

As part of an ongoing series on animation, Vulture recently sat down for an interview with Ramsey. Over the course of the discussion, he talks about the atmosphere at the studio during production and how DreamWorks’ marketing likely influenced how the film was received. Let’s dive in to some of his most important quotes.

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