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There’s supposedly a new Star Wars director coming soon, but is it a name we already know?

The Star Wars saga that started in 1977 is about to complete its story with J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in December, and fans want to know what is the next chapter in a new Star Wars trilogy.

We also want the chance to scrutinize and pick apart any director Lucasfilm announces to be heading to a galaxy far, far away. And It looks like Lucasffilm President Kathleen Kennedy has a director in mind.

THR reports that Disney and Lucasfilm have a director lined up to helm their 2022 movie — and it is not Rian Johnson. But Lucasfilm is waiting until January 2021 to announce who that filmmaker will be. (Not so coincidentally, Kennedy’s contract with Lucasfilm is up in 2021. Whether she will still be in the job, or transitioning to an EP role and handing over the day-to-day of the company to someone else, remains to be seen.)

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Source: No Film School