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Want to shoot an atmospheric commercial in the style of The Neon Demon? This cinematographer can tell you how.

Natasha Braier is an Argentinian director of photography whose work includes visually striking feature films like Honey Boy, The Neon Demon, and The Rover. However, a commercial she shot for Hennessy X.O is as eerie and atmospheric as her previous work, and she mentions she’s taking her slightly creepy aesthetic from Neon Demon a step further here…which makes sense since the commercial was also directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.

Take a look at the Hennessy ad below:

CookeOpticsTV invited Braier to discuss the elements of this big-budget cognac commercial in a recent interview. Be warned, parts of the commercial are NSFW. Check it out below:

Shooting underwater

A portion of the commercial was shot with an actor underwater, with golden light being diffused through the water itself. She recalls the lights as Sputnik lights, probably on a tungsten setting.

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Source: No Film School