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Here’s how to know what to say on set (and when).

The entertainment industry is full of filmmaking terms and film set slang that can be hard to keep track of. The last thing any of us want is to be standing on set when someone asks for a c-47 only to go grab a c-stand and then be laughed at, or worse, never hired again.

Just kidding, people on set are never so cruel…

All jokes aside, how frustrating is it when you ask for something on set and the other person stares at you blankly, or pretends to know what you need and but really doesn’t.

It’s with that in mind that we put an end to on-set illiteracy!

Why We Need a Visual Film Lingo Dictionary

Efficiency on set is everything, which is why filmmaking lingo exists in the first place; it’s shorthand. Movie slang helps everyone communicate quickly and effectively, with a shared set of filmmaking terms.

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Source: No Film School