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Rodrigo Prieto is the cinematographer behind the epic The Irishman. Listen to how he and Scorsese let the story inform their visual shooting style.

Who among us is planning on seeing The Irishman in theaters soon?

I was lucky enough to check it out at The Landmark in Los Angeles, and I absolutely loved it. The theatrical experience truly brings out the attention to detail, VFX, and performances. Above all else, the cinematography of this movie is top-tier Scorsese. The visual approach here adds to the story, never detracts from it, and features enough experimentation to not feel like a retread of the director’s other gangster epics.

The mind behind the camera is Rodrigo Prieto. He shot Silence and Wolf of Wall Street with Scorsese and also was the DO behind Brokeback Mountain (among others). So how did The Irishman differ from those projects?

It had to do with the story of a killer…

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Source: No Film School