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Now that Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman as been named Best Picture by a major film critics group, does Netflix’s awards contender have a shot at the Academy Award?

Martin Scorsese lives and breathes New York City. So we know it must mean a lot to him to get the Best Picture honor from The New York Film Critics.

But let’s be real, during the Awards season — everyone is just trying to figure out who is going to take home the gold statues at the Oscars. And no one wants that Best Picture Oscar more than Netflix; they’ve been gunning for it for years and had their best shot with 2018’s Roma. (That film took home several key awards, including Best Director and Best Foreign Film.)

With The Irishman taking home top prize from The New York Film Critics Circle, what does that mean for its Academy Award chances?

First, let’s look at the other winners.

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Source: No Film School