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We, and the Force, are totally with Werner Herzog on this one.

The Mandalorian is a big deal for Star Wars fans.

The first live-action TV show set in that galaxy far, far away, the Disney+ series combines the scale and spectacle audiences love on the big screen with a story more suited for the small one. Fans also appreciate the series’ approach to practical effects work — a lost art in modern Hollywood filmmaking.

They also love it for Baby Yoda. Because obvious.

But no one loves the little guy and his on-set puppet more than Werner Herzog.

Baby Yoda, also known as “The Child,” is a very convincing and sophisticated live-action puppet — much like the one Frank Oz used and voiced in the original Star Wars trilogy and in The Phantom Menace. According to Vanity Fair, during a scene with the puppet, Herzog shot down writer and executive producer Jon Favreau and Dav Filoni’s plans to replace it with CG.

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Source: No Film School