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Best Insurance for Photographers

Your photography business is picking up and clients are calling non-stop. Scheduling jobs is taking the little time you have left in the day! While your focus is on creating photo content to meet your client’s expectations, you will find there is much more to do on the backend to keep the photography business operating smoothly. TCP would like to think photography liability insurance for your commercial business would be at the top of your list, but if not, that is where we want to help! At a minimum, you should have a photographers general liability policy in the event you damage property or injure the client. TCP also recommends carrying photo equipment insurance coverage in the event your camera gear is damaged or stolen. By working with an agency that specializes in entertainment insurance, this means they have experience in knowing how you operate and how to manage the risks associated within your industry.

A more in depth look at commercial photographers insurance policy would be a BOP policy designed specifically for photographers and still production companies that is enhanced by an added form called the DICE (Documentary, Industrial, Commercial Educational) producers’ coverage. This is what tailors coverage to your industry.

If you contact your local insurance agent who handles auto or homeowners coverage, there is a good chance they are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of your photography business, which could lead to gaps in essential coverage. A standard Business Owners Policy (BOP) is offered by most insurance agents, but it could come down to endorsements or exclusions within the policy that change how beneficial the policy is to you. A typical BOP policy would be expected to cover your office contents and general liability (Bodily Injury/Property Damage) but may have limited coverage for your traveling camera gear. The correct photographers coverage would protect your owned and rented photo equipment anywhere in the world. Our insurance agents and account managers are available to review the exposure of your business and reevaluate needs as your business continues to grow. They will also discuss additional coverages to consider such as Props, Sets and Wardrobe, Extra Expense, Third Party Property Damage, and Electronic Data Processing (computers that travel), and Hired & Non Owned Auto Coverage, to name a few.

So, when looking for the proper photography insurance coverages, don’t look to the generic Business Owner’s Policy (BOP), but a policy that aligns with your unique exposures as a professional photographer or still photo producer. Also, select a photo insurance agency that truly understands your photography business. As you know, the entertainment business is fast moving and demands a quick turn around on everything from generating certificates, adding coverage for a location or film permit, increasing your rented camera equipment insurance for a rental house, and so much more. TCP has you covered!