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Quantum Physics can be hard to understand and communicate with an audience, especially in sci-fi films. So we have an easy and free guide for you!

One of the biggest hurdles for any science fiction writer is, well, the science.

I’ve worked on a number of science fiction screenplays and the hardest part of my life is taking these complex ideas and breaking them down for an audience. Especially when I don’t quite understand them myself.

In Los Angeles, we have a service called The Science and Entertainment Exchange, where you can contact an expert for answers. I’ve used them to visit CalTech and actually get consultations on space launches and black holes.

One of the best talks I heard was about Quantum Physics.

Quantum Physics is extremely hard to understand but is the basis for many time travel and inter-dimensional storytelling like you see in Safety Not Guaranteed and Stranger Things.

Most of the textbooks and websites on this subject are not written for beginners. But not anymore.

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Source: No Film School