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Star Trek: First Contact recently had its 26th anniversary last week, and an ILM legend in the VFX field celebrated it by showing how the film pulled off a shot that had never been done before.

For Star Trek fans, the best movie in the franchise is Wrath of Khan. With Star Trek: First Contact arguably right behind it.

On November 22, 1996, Jonathan Frakes (aka Commander Riker) made his feature directorial debut with the second movie headlined by the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast, one that pit former Borg — Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) — against the alien race hellbent on assimilating humanity into their collective. It’s Picard’s Moby Dick in space, as the Enterprise captain struggle to save his crew (and salvage his humanity) from the object of his vendetta: The Borg Queen (Alice Krige). One of the movie’s most memorable scenes — and one of the most iconic in all of Trek history — is the Borg Queen’s entrance, the first time the audience has seen her in the flesh.

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Source: No Film School