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20 years ago this week, Toy Story 2 changed the way Pixar makes movies and forever made audiences cry whenever they hear “Jesse’s Song.” These is weapons-grade, character-first emotional storytelling right here – and you can learn a lot from Buzz and Woody’s second movie.

The production of Toy Story 2 is enough to give any aspiring filmmaker the cold sweats.

Initially conceived as a quickie direct-to-video follow-up in the style of The Return of Jafar, the sequel to the groundbreaking, Oscar-winning Toy Story was rushed into production by embattled chairman Joe Roth. The sequel’s story was cobbled together from a number of unused story ideas for the first film, from the idea of Woody being a sought-after collectible doll to a ravenous toy collector. After a rough version was brought in by Toy Story animator Ash Brannon, the movie was both looking better than anyone at Disney or Pixar expected, but also not completely up to par.

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Source: No Film School