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In a forthcoming book on Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” by Brian Raftery, Paul Thomas Anderson shares an amazing anecdote about meeting Kubrick. Let’s just say he doesn’t come across as the PTA we know and love.

What’s the old saying? Don’t meet your heroes? I love a good Hollywood anecdote, especially about the good ole’ days. It’s hard to believe we haven’t had a new Kubrick movie in almost 20 years. And we also haven’t had Kubrick. Which is much sadder. That’s what makes me so excited for the Brian Rafferty book “How 1999 Blew Up the Screen,” which is all about how Kubrick got Eyes Wide Shut made.

You can read the entire chapter on Vulture, but to paraphrase…Tom Cruise helped. And so did Nicole Kidman.

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Source: No Film School