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First impressions and the No Film School community questions answered.

Sigma introduced its “pocketable” fp camera in July of this year. The fp packs a full-frame sensor, 4K resolution at 24 fps, and 12-bit Cinema DNG RAW into a tiny form factor that weighs all but 13oz, effectively giving filmmakers a small camera that is capable of big images…all for $1899.

Sigma America senior technical representative Jared Ivy was kind enough to accommodate No Film School at its Burbank, CA location, giving us some hands-on time with the Sigma fp.

We were able to talk with him about Sigma’s new pocket camera, as well as facts about the final shipping version of the camera that can help you decide if it’s the right tool for you or your next project.

Check out our interview with Ivy below, immediately followed by our review and first impressions.

Interview with Sigma’s Jared Ivy

No Film School: Sigma has a long history offering cameras and lenses aimed at still photographers. Now they have multiple lens lines dedicated for cine use. Is the fp the next step in Sigma’s cine roadmap?

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Source: No Film School