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Werner Herzog is one of our greatest living directors. Now, he’s taking another turn in front of the camera for The Mandalorian. And he has some opinions.

Werner Herzog is a filmmaking treasure. He has a distinct voice and filmmaking style, and sometimes he even goes in front of the camera — see his underrated and love-to-hate turn as the villain in Jack Reacher.

Now, Herzog co-stars in the new Disney+ Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, from writer and executive producer Jon Favreau (Iron Man, 2019’s The Lion King). He recently sat down with Variety to discuss his experience working with Favreau — and his total lack of awareness regarding Fav’s CV. This is an interview for the ages. Herzog is legend.

Herzog doesn’t strike us as a Star Wars fan, but hearing him talk about his experiences on The Mandalorian add extra insight into how he views filmmaking.

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Source: No Film School