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Family can make or break you. But no matter what, they’ll always give you something to write about.

It’s that time of year again.

The holiday season has the same connotations for people around the world. We gather with our families or surrogate family to celebrate the holidays. These times can be the culmination of year-long drama, periods of mourning for those lost, and once in a while the happiest memories that last a lifetime.

No matter what you feel in regard to the holiday season — it always offers something to write about.

Let’s talk about how you can use the next few weeks to inspire what you’re going to write next — whether it is a movie, an hour pilot, or half-hour TV spec. Maybe even a comic to be turned into a movie or show.

Sometimes it’s not so bad to be home for the holidays!

I love the holiday season, and not just because of all the amazing food. It marks a time where you can sit and binge on some of the best movies about other families to make you feel like your own is a little less crazy.

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Source: No Film School