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What’s a Texas Switch? And how does this VFX cheat make action movies feel more real and true to life? Find out below.

I hate watching a movie where they replace humans with CGI during action scenes. I like my stunts to be practical.

Have you ever been watching a movie and astounded at how the lead actor does their own stunts? Well if you’re not watching Tom Cruise of Jackie Chan, there’s a really good chance that these highly paid movie stars actually have trained stuntmen and women taking their place.

But what about in scenes that seem to have a seamless transition between actor and stunt person? Or scenes specifically blocked to create these transitions? Like the ones from this tweet below.

The Texas Switch has to be the coolest filmmaking trick around, right? Here’s where it was used in Aquaman, Cast Away and – YES – in Speed!

— Ian Failes (@vfxblog) April 16, 2019

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Source: No Film School