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Screenplay length is the source of much anxiety among many writers. We dispel rumors and get to the heart of the situation.

Screenplay length is one of the hardest things to determine. Often, my advice to writers is to “write long, edit short” — but that doesn’t always apply.

What if you think you’re done editing? And what if your script is a little long, like over 120 pages?

Or a little short? Like under 85 pages?

Is There a Magic Screenplay Length?

In a word: No. There is no magic screenplay length.

You can stop reading here if what you need to hear is: “Every story is different and the details and situations dictate the length.” But, there are certain lengths that make readers worried before they scroll through your PDF or pick up your script off the stack.

I’ve talked about my love of Screenwriting Reddit before, and I’ll double down here. I’m on the forums every day, scouting articles for us and just trying to contribute amongst the noise. I came across a question about script length — it’s from americanslang59. Check it out below:

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