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ZEISS’ Supreme Prime Radiance Lenses might come at a Supreme cost, but there’s lots to take away from the example footage.

First, let’s talk about these new lenses.

From hits at SXSW to television favorites to their collaboration with ARRI, ZEISS lenses can be found everywhere. This week, ZEISS announced a new set of Prime lenses with a special new T*blue coating that enhances lens flares while maintaining contrast: The ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance Lenses.

While the new feature here is “Full Control” over flare, it’s not controlled by something like a button or a focus ring. Control, rather, is defined as the following: “under the appropriate lighting, the lenses will flare.” With regular lighting, they will “render like modern and versatile cinematography lenses.” This means that cinematographers can plan for their flares with lighting setups and camera movement.

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Source: No Film School