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Landing a job in the entertainment industry can be hard to find. So we made a list of the places you can apply for them!

When it came time for me to find a job in Hollywood, I was terrified. I didn’t have an inside track anywhere; I wasn’t sure where to even start looking. Lucky for me, I was able to land an internship and that gave me enough clout to be promoted within.

My journey is similar to a lot of people on the outside. But I was lucky enough to be given the place to apply for internships from my college. Since this is No Film School, we’re going to give you that stuff without charging tuition.

We saw the beginnings of this post on Reddit Screenwriting and decided to expand upon it.

So let’s jump into the list.


Applying at huge conglomerates can be tricky. You know thousands of other people are vying for the same positions, but these can be excellent places to work. They’re usually stable, have great benefits, and I’ve found the pay to be better than most places.

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