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Last week, Disney+ launched and, by all accounts, the company’s new direct-to-consumer streaming platform is a smash content-wise, with over 10 million downloads on day one alone. (I haven’t heard ten people talk about Apple TV+, much less 10 million.)

But as the platform rolled out on Tuesday, November 12, there were some significant technical hiccups (some quickly resolved) and also some issues with the content that are way more troubling, especially for filmmakers looking to exhibit content on Disney+.

The biggest issue so far, especially if we’re going by the metric of Twitter outrage, has to do with Disney+’s presentation of Matt Groening’s beloved animated series The Simpsons. Following Disney’s acquisition of Fox, it was announced that 600+ episodes of the groundbreaking sitcom would debut, alongside classic Disney films and projects from Marvel Studios, Pixar and Lucasfilm, on the brand new platform. This was a huge win for consumers, especially given Disney+’s seductive $6.99 a month price point (with Verizon users getting an entire year free).

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Source: No Film School