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Many film and TV shows introduce tons of characters — and each one of them needs motivation in every scene.

Even beginning writers know their characters need a goal to get through the movie or pilot. But one thing a lot of writers seem to forget is that every character needs motivation. In every scene.

Think about your daily life. Even when you’re strolling through the aisles of target or sitting on the toilet, you have something you want to happen.

Chances are, you encounter people who want the opposite to happen. If this occurs in the bathroom, sorry to trigger any terrible memories. But keep reading.

The point is, two opposing forces create conflict, which creates drama. And drama is the foundation for a great story.

And when I read a ton of scripts, that drama is missing in every scene. Let’s change that.

Why Every Character Needs a Motivation

The biggest offender? Characters we only meet once.

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Source: No Film School