Photo and Video Equipment Insurance

Photography Insurance

Tom C. Pickard & Company, Inc. provides insurance for photography, production insurance and video equipment insurance for still photographers, producers, cinematographers, and HD film & video professionals. This prestige and well-established portrait photographer insurance agency offers camera equipment insurance and photography equipment insurance at an affordable annual or 30 day short-term rate. Starting at $500 for a sports photography business policy an avid photographer has the option to include $10,000 worth of nature photo equipment coverage and keep the price at the minimum premium. The equipment can be items you own, lease or rent. These are not the only business coverages that comes with the commercial photography policy. It also includes $10,000 of traveling and $25k of office computer equipment coverage. With 40 years of experience in the industry, this photographic insurance agency can offer 30 day short term photo rental equipment coverage, and issue certificates of insurance the same day. General liability, errors & omissions, and workers' compensation for producers or nature photographers can also be added while not costing a lot of money. The video and production policy allows for the ability to customize forms along with the ability to add and delete photography coverage during the policy period. Short term equipment additions during the policy period is what really helps keep the premium at it's lowest. This way you only pay for the period of time you really need. Talk to one of our specialized agents and figure out what we can do for you to make sure your photography business is secure. They will also help you keep the premium down, so you can see why we are the most affordable insurance for photographersinsurance for photographers.

Video Equipment Insurance

If you are a still photographer or producer from Hollywood or Los Angeles, CA then you will need photo & video equipment insurance for your photography or production commercial business. To obtain video coverage for particular jobs like a wedding event, you will need a wedding photography insurance or documentary insurance policy. Cinematographers in need of wedding videographer insurance, insurance for documentaries, or camera equipment insurance, will want insurance for camera equipment and insurance for video equipment. Just give us a call, so we can help get the insurance you need. We have 40 years experience, so take advantage our vast knowledge of the policy specifically designed for photographers. TCP will also provide a videography insurance policy for those that do studio shoots, educational movies, corporate videos, real estate and commercials. Fill out our instant video quote or photo quote, and speak with a specialized agent today. It will take you less than 2 minutes. No matter what business you are running, we can educate you on the coverages you might be interested in, and save your hard earned money. This experienced video agency will give you the lowest costing videography equipment policy with the lowest premium.

Video Production Insurance

Video rental equipment insurance can be purchased with a video production insurance policy, and along with additional coverages like third party property damage, hired & non-owned auto liability, auto physical damage, prop set wardrobe, cyber liability, and re-shoot insurance. You can purchase these coverages through our ProPak on either an annual basis or short term. Each additional coverage in the Propak can be raised to an amount for a short term period to be sure you pay the lowest amount for insurance, but with maximum coverage. We know every producer is different which is why we have so many options. We also now offer short term video production insurance policies, but our production insurance quotes for annual coverage are so competitive that you might want to consider having coverage for the whole year. Call us now for a production equipment insurance quote. You will potentially save up to 40% compared to other agencies offering very similar insurance policies through other insurance carriers. There are no other agencies that carry the product we provide, so give us a call or send us an email to find out what makes us the number one choice. We are sure you will be satisfied with the service we can provide.

Cinematographer, Photographer, Production Liability Insurance

TCP&Co. is located in the always beautiful and sunny city of Hermosa Beach, California where we can generate insurance quotes for production in all of California (including Los Angeles / LA, San Diego, Southern California, Northern California, etc.), New York (including New York City / NYC, and Brooklyn), Illinois, Chicago, Boston ,Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Atlanta, Georgia, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and many more. All you have to do as a photographer is go to our different quote pages and view the available states we can provide coverage. Insurance for production is quick and affordable if you travel between these states. With general liability, owned equipment, rented equipment and laptops covered worldwide, this makes a photographer or producer who travels very convenient. We can help any videographer with international video rental insurance, and fully cover their work items such as production equipment, computer equipment, including laptops with worldwide coverage. Some general liability policies out there do not allow for traveling between states, so be sure that you have the correct general liability policy that only provides coverages you need as a photographer or producer.

Film Insurance

Film insurance for producers through our niche agency will come at a very cheap and cost effective price when comparing to the other entertainment agencies. The minimum premium for a policy will be about $1,300. Insurance for film equipment includes excellent coverage for your business equipment items such as a digital camera, red camera, canon camera, and dslr camera you might own or rent from a rental facility. A film equipment insurance policy like TCP&Co. provides is capable of adding additional coverages such as errors and omissions, negative film or faulty stock, extra expense and third party property damage when you need it. The film and video insurance rates are kept low because of our special relationship with the film insurance company. We currently have one of the cheapest film liability insurance policies on the market. We do now offer a short term film insurance, but our annual prices are so low, that for a little extra money, it is worth it to get the annual production policy. Cheap insurance for film and video provided by Great American Insurance does not necessarily mean the different coverages will be below standard as they are an A rated carrier. Obtain an easy-to-fill-out video quote for film shoot insurance today, and get that coverage for grip equipment and general liability for a film production this very same day.

Camera Insurance

As a professional photographer or producer travelling around from state to state or country to country on a regular basis should consider travel insurance for camera equipment. Photo insurance if you travel is not expensive, so buying before you take flight can save a photographer thousands of dollars. Starting at $500 for photographers, and about $1,300 for producers, your digital cameras, grip equipment, and camera lenses can all be insured under one low cost photography insurance policy with worldwide coverage. As you travel out of the state or USA, not only are you insured for camera insurance, but also liability insurance. Producer and photographer liability insurance travel with you throughout the world, so it is an international coverage. Traveling with your camera is what gives photographers and producers such great variety of pictures. Do not let your favorite camera go uninsured where it is vulnerable to accidental breakage or theft. Getting a quote for camera insurance is extremely quick, so you can obtain insurance for your photographic and video equipment the same day in most cases. Do not travel without a cheap photography insurance policy that allows for great camera gear coverage.

Video Insurance for Videographers

Video insurance and insurance for film production has always been fairly expensive until the video insurance cost has significantly decreased. This is due to the release of TCP&Co's new product and relationship with Great American. Film insurance for the small business owner would be so expensive that many would take the chance to save money on insuring their business and video equipment by not purchasing film shoot insurance. This is no longer the case with producers insurance TCP offers at this time. In the insurance for film production policy, it offers videographer general liability along with production equipment insurance. Included with video equipment insurance is the ability to rent equipment and have coverage on those items either on an annual or short term time period. Production insurance costs are now so low that we no longer offer a short term videographer insurance policy. Go to our quote page and fill it out within minutes, and see how much money you will be saving compared to our competitors. Production liability insurance can make sure that if you injure a third party, your cinematography business will not be the one that has to suffer, and you can be back out there shooting the next production.