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TCP & Co. offers many insurance packages serving the needs of Advertising Photographers, Production Companies, Photography Studios, Commercial, Personal, and Life, Health & Financial Services. Use our links to obtain a quick quote today. Our office is open from 8:30 - 5:00pm Monday through Friday. You may call us during this time.

Video Equipment Insurance

TCP&Co, Inc's video equipment policy with comprehensive production insurance coverages are customized to fit the specialty of producers and filmmakers residing in California, Illinois, Massachusetts and New York. Wedding videography equipment coverage includes accidental breakage and theft of personal cameras, lenses, grip, lighting, and computers at full replacement cost with a small deductible. This does not include damage due to wear and tear or mysterious disappearance which are common exclusions. The coverage territory is inside and outside of the United States, so you can travel anywhere worldwide and still be covered. This also means your video equipment and mobile devices are covered in and out of your studio or office. The same goes for your high priced laptops because you have $10,000 of traveling computer equipment coverage. What is also great about the policy is that general liability is also covered throughout the US. Photographic equipment insurance, video equipment insurance and camera equipment insurance are important for any producer or photographer trying to make sure their business keeps up and running the way it should. Cinematography requires production equipment insurance when conducting a business. An entertainment insurance policy that we specifically designed for producers is easy to obtain through our video quoting system. Within a couple of minutes, you can view what coverages are available for a film production insurance policy. Red cameras, Nikon cameras, and Phase One cameras can all be covered under one videography insurance policy at an affordable rate. Computer equipment items like your Macbook Pro, printers, monitors, tablets, cell phones and hard drives will also be automatically covered.

Post Production Insurance

Our annual post production insurance policy for producers comes at such a low rate and price that our short term production insurance option should be the last option when shopping for entertainment insurance. However, we understand that sometimes our customers can only purchase a short term post production policy because they charge back the cost to the client. It is because of our ability to provide so many options that makes our product superior to the competition. Through the annual production equipment insurance policy, short term rented equipment coverage is also available. Get unlimited certificates of insurance with a short term rental increase or add someone as an additional insured the same day. Camera equipment and video equipment can be insured at any time. Wedding photographers, documentary videographers, and post production videographers will find we offer the cheapest insurance for video equipment anywhere. Do not hesitate to use our live chat to instant message and ask us any questions you might have. We are open from 8:30am to 5:00pm Pacific Time.

Camera Equipment Insurance for Photographers

Tom C. Pickard & Co, Inc. which is based out of Southern California (LA), provides annual entertainment insurance policies that include extensive protection for rented and owned camera equipment insurance, video equipment insurance and general liability insurance for photographers, producers, videographers, studio production, and post production companies. With the flexibility to add short term equipment rental insurance when you want throughout the annual policy term, we are able to keep your production and photography insurance premium at the minimum cost possible. This alone is not the only reason why the best camera equipment policy is able to be kept so low. The photographer policy was built to fill the necessary needs specifically for photographers and producers, so only the coverages needed for a photographer or producer are in there. There are a lot of coverages included in this business company policy, so please look over the proposal, so you can ask any coverage questions you might have while reading it. Our important customers include everyone from wedding and advertising photographers, to documentary and commercial film makers to photo reps and cinematographers.

Nikon Canon Red Camera Insurance

Our short term production insurance agency can cover photo, video, and production business owners living in New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, San Diego, Phoenix, and many more big metropolitan city areas across the United States. Rental houses and studios all over the country recommend our low cost camera equipment insurance and photographer general liability policies to their customers. The reason for this is because we provide exactly what the rental companies are looking for when renting out Red Camera equipment. We provide photographers certificates of insurance the same day along with worldwide rented and owned camera equipment coverage. We can quote your business and have your entertainment policy in effect the same day. Obtaining photography coverage is easy and affordable. You can rent grip trucks, honey wagons, wardrobe, lighting, and locations with the included and optional coverage with this custom made photography insurance policy. Tom Pickard provides proper certificates of insurance to places like Film LA and other shoot locations/venues for filming permits that require specific wording.

Production Insurance

Production insurance has many beneficial coverages and much fewer exclusions for cinematographers that produce and shoot still photography as a small business owner. Our agency can write in many big states like New York and Chicago. Unlike those standard photographer policies, a production equipment insurance policy through TCP will additionally cover you as a producer for both photography and videography work without the filming exclusions. Insurance for production is at a very low cost to you because we customized the video policy to fit the majority need. Our production insurance policy has lower limits at a lower cost, but still have high enough limits to satisfy what many locations require to be named as an additional insured for certificates. Going without production liability insurance can make you vulnerable to a lawsuit even if it wasn't directly your fault. The liability is there to protect you from negligence. Not only do we offer videographer liability insurance which is included in the minimum, but digital camera insurance and video equipment rental insurance is also included with the product. Production insurance cost has never been so cheap. Get a low costing videography quote, and get a film and video production insurance policy today.