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  • 5 star review  I run a photo rental studio-Historic Hudson Studios and I have to say that whenever a photographer is renting our space and using Tom Pickard Ins. I breath a sigh of relief, because I know it'll be handled promptly and accurately! Keep up the great work! Renee

    thumb Renee Anjanette Kalmar

    5 star review  Anytime we need last minute adjustments to our coverage they are always on top of it. So easy to work with and the whole team is extremely helpful.

    thumb Tyler Jdoc Hughes

    5 star review  LOVE THEM. always super responsive, great rates. I was recently in Florida and rented from a supplier in Orlando, who said "Tom Pickard is great, we love working with them." Go TCP!!!!!

    thumb Stephanie Diani

    5 star review  Always great service. The best. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

    thumb Lorne Resnick

    5 star review  TCP helps me with my business insurance and just helped me get super speedy Drone Liability coverage. They are great to work with and give me total peace of mind with my equipment!

    thumb Claire McAdams

    5 star review  Thanks again for being so good at your jobs, making sure we are fully covered, and saving us money when possible! Rich and Miguel are awesome!

    thumb Sara Tsutsumida

    5 star review  Honestly, the best in the business! Have been with TCP for many years and always had the best experiences with them. Great rates and packages, speedy COI and amazing service. Thanks for everything Cheers Julien

    thumb Julien Capmeil

    5 star review  I have been curious about the magic of this company's management. I started insurance through TCP about ?? (can not count!) years ago. I started with Jean who was fantastic. Now, I am mainly dealing with Miguel, he is even faster in answering my questions and taking care of my requests. My both thumbs up!

    thumb Dean Huang
  • 5 star review  Super easy to work with & communicative. Use this team for all your production insurance needs! I for sure will be a repeat client

    thumb Edgar Rosa

    5 star review  TCP had a quick response, excellent customer service by Barbara, and covered everything I needed—definitely the best of the five photography insurance companies that provided me a quote. TCP worked with me to fill my needs now and explain how to add as my business grows.

    thumb Aileen Wilson

    5 star review  Most excellent! TCP & Co. provided amazing service throughout the entire process. They were prompt with their correspondence, 100% transparent, did exactly what they said they would do, and ended up saving us money. This was our first experience with an insurance company and it was a great one. Rich Gunn and the TCP team certainly set the bar high. Thank you!

    thumb Zach Moore

    5 star review  These guys are amazing. Extremely responsive and great to work with.

    thumb Ian Noe

    5 star review  Best service Ever!!! Have been using them for car and home insurance for over 5 years!!! Every time I call they always are ready to help. Always answers my questions and help with any changes. Miguel Reynaga has always helped us. He is the best!!! Wonderful service. Thank you!!!

    thumb Arpi Kantzabedian-Aprahamian

    5 star review  best there is! its nice to have someone so familiar with the business.

    thumb Andrew Lee

    5 star review  Excellent service! Fast, efficient communication. This was my first time acquiring photography insurance and Barbara was a delight. She was very patient, answered a lot of my questions, and set me up with a policy suited for my needs.

    thumb Christina Storozkova

    5 star review  Nicole Trombly is an exellent agent, very curious with a wealth of knowledge regarding auto insurance etc. Will follow her to the the moon n back.

    thumb Toni Telenko
  • 5 star review  Best in class. Responsive, through and responsible.

    thumb Oscar Thomas

    5 star review  So glad I found this insurance company for my photography business! Really helpful people and they got me sorted immediately! Thank you!

    thumb Michelle Shiers

    5 star review  They are the best! I talked to them a couple of years ago and ended up not needing insurance. I recently reached back out to get insurance and they were very helpful and answered about a million questions. They know what insurance requirements are needed for equipment rental, locations (even special requirements by the State) and everything in-between. And they are fast! I especially love that I can log on an issue COI's myself. Rich and Amanda are so great. Thanks!!

    thumb Sandi Allison

    5 star review  A friend recommended Rich for insurance needs when it comes to my film business. He's hilarious first off, and secondly he provided me with the perfect amount of coverage for my business. He knows the film industry and will help you get set up to succeed. I would highly recommend you look no where else but here.

    thumb Chadwick Trentham

    5 star review  Absolutely stellar service! Rich Gunn and his team guided me through the entire process to get the policy best suited for me. Very patient and professional. I recommend TCP for production insurance to anyone and everyone. They have a constant open line of communication for quotes, terms, policy and etc. Thanks to TCP I am now fully insured for anything that comes my way. Plus I know I saved a ton of money, I have recieved quotes from other Production Insurance agencies, and TCP beats it by a mile.

    thumb Jael Steven Filkey

    5 star review  TCP & Co. is not only great when it comes to providing quotes and communication but they also offer comprehensive plans that are tailored to the needs of those in the production and photographic industries. As a small business owner that provides those services I appreciated their knowledge and understanding for the type of work I do. Rich made my customer experience extremely easy with his prompt communication. He took the time to learn about my operation (including research prior to following up with me on the phone). At the end of the day I felt like I had a partner who was looking out for my best interests and that's an important asset to have.

    thumb Steven Trauger

    5 star review  Barbara is fantastic. I can't imagine an insurance purchase experience being any more enjoyable.

    thumb Amir Tikriti

    5 star review  As a resident of Hermosa Beach for the past 14 Years. I prefer working with local people every opportunity that presents itself. In this case it was Insurance. Who enjoys this? Well working with Tom C. Pickard and company proved to be awesome. The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful with my coverage needs. I must say Julie & Miguel at Tom C. Pickard knocked it out of the park! It was so easy and what I liked besides the greenbacks $$ I saved. The process was all "Eco Green" all the paper work was done on-line even with electronic signatures. So, support all local businesses in Hermosa Beach and that means your insurance coverage as well!! You won't be disappointed with their awesome customer service.

    thumb Jimmy Novak
  • 5 star review  Barbara was amazing! I was able to insure all of my photo gear, and receive rental coverage, in much less time than I had imagined. The website enabled information to be transmitted easily, and the personal contact by phone reassured me that my business is in great hands.Thank you, TCP, for such incredible service and coverage.

    thumb Lisa M. Robinson

    5 star review  Cathi who helped me get insurance for my business is amazing! Everyone needs a Cathi working for them. She is quick, polite and amazing. I was skeptical of the business at first but after talking to Cathi and having a good friend tell me about them I think they are amazing/the real deal. I wish I would have known about them sooner so I would have had peace of mind on my last trip.

    thumb JD Swiger

    5 star review  Rich Gunn and the TCP gang are literally my production saviors! After a near miss of pretty epic proportions, Rich was able to insure my project in a matter of hours. He calmly and carefully explained our policy to me. Thanks to Rick's amazing work, we were able to get right back on schedule. Best customer service ever. TCP customer for life!

    thumb Melissa Purner

    5 star review  Natasha and Brian just saved me from a heart attack at age 30 with their timely responses and assistance. Thank you guys!!!!!!!

    thumb Brady Leifer

    5 star review  Everyone has a job, but the people at TCP love what they do and it shows. I work for my wife and kids. My loss could have been life changing, but TCP staff were there to catch me and make sure that I could still work and make money for my family. Yeah I work in Hollywood with a lot of different people, but in the end I am a family man and because of your staff and the speed that you were able to get my gear replaced at Samys Camera. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart.

    thumb Saul David Haase

    5 star review  The speed of execution, the professionalism, and courtesy provided will keep me as a customer for the length of my career. Highly reccomend for all your insurance needs.

    thumb Marc Lemoine

    4 star review  Yes and they were a great place to work for! Miss you Tom, Don, Jeanne and Linda and the photographers I worked with. I wonder if any photographers are left from the 80s & 90s when I worked there. Great package they have and great group of photograhers, so much enjoyed working with them!

    thumb Marcia Szal Haragos

    5 star review  Easy to work with. Lots of options. Helpful and understanding. Would recommend to anyone looking for insurance.

    thumb Bennie de Grasse

If you need

photo equipment rental insurance

Tom C. Pickard & Company has insured photographers with camera insurance, camera rental insurance, and general liability for 40 years. Most of our still photographer clients have been attained through word of mouth because of our reliability and experience. Short term production insurance is easy to get with our instant insurance quotes. Our insurance agents can give you a call back the same day. We will discuss what videography insurance coverages you should consider with the business you run like films, documentary, nature, life, travel and stills.

Production company insurance

is quick and easy to obtain with our online video quote. Production insurance is offered through TCP as a business owners’ policy, and is perfect for doing cinematography, videography and studio production work. We can supply insurance for video equipment, general liability, short term rental equipment insurance, and computer equipment coverage all under one policy. Video Production Insurance is now affordable with customizable forms to fit your needs. With unlimited certificates of insurance in this videographer insurance program, you can get a proof of insurance at any time on the internet.

Videographer Insurance

is what you need if you create documentaries or do any type of film production. Dropping a camera or damaging property can put you out of business without video equipment insurance. Do not let your favorite camera, or even a big job go uninsured. A short term production insurance policy might be ok for that one job, but it is very expensive compared to the rates we can offer cinematographers on an annual basis. Fill out our online application and talk to an agent the same day. We can talk to you about insurance for documentary movies, insurance for production, corporate video insurance, and post production insurance.

Production Equipment Insurance

| Cinematography equipment insurance will cover you worldwide for equipment that is stolen due to theft, or damage resulting from an accidental drop of an Arri or Red camera. Cinematographer insurance also provides coverage for buildings that are in your control with Third Party Property Damage. Since entertainment production insurance is also a business policy for videographers, hired and non owned auto liability can also be added to the policy for a low price. Have assistants, or in need of errors and omissions? We can also provide workers’ compensation and errors and omission policies.

Producer insurance

is a must. Take control of risk on the set of your production. Many producers don't realize how vulnerable they are until they realize how much a HD video insurance, or video production insurance can save their business. TCP is licensed in many states including Los Angeles (LA), California, San Diego (including Southern California and Northern California), Massachusetts (MA), Boston, New York (NY), New York City (NYC), Brooklyn, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, New Jersey, Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Atlanta, Oregon, Minnesota, Washington. Get a video production insurance quote now.